Diaspora Humanitarian Exchange Group

Diaspora Humanitarian Exchange Group

About DHEG

Diaspora humanitarians are typically not included in national and local coordination mechanisms, nor have the platform or opportunities to coordinate or collaborate between diaspora groups. A space that is a critical gap impeding more impactful humanitarian action.
The Diaspora Humanitarian Exchange Group aims to gather diaspora organisations engaged in humanitarian activities to encourage more intra-diaspora and inter diaspora coordination and collaborations, connecting them to empower their voices. By bringing together diverse skills and knowledge, the conversation about and within diaspora communities can be a positive one.
The Diaspora Humanitarian Exchange Group is a pilot initiative implemented by Shabaka in partnership with the British Red Cross, as part of the Diaspora Humanitarian Partnership Programme, funded by USAID BHA.

Main group objectives

Provide a safe space for diaspora humanitarian responders to share information and skills from field experiences and locally led initiatives
Facilitate inter diaspora initiatives as well as partnership opportunities between diaspora communities and other organisations, to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis
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