Publication #7- Diaspora humanitarian responses to the crisis in Sudan

Publication #7- Diaspora humanitarian responses to the crisis in Sudan

This report sets out the humanitarian role of the Sudanese diaspora in the crisis that started in April 2023. The report examines 255 initiatives by 192 diaspora actors in 21 countries over five months. The report shows that the Sudanese diaspora have a strong and lasting commitment to Sudan, and that they face various challenges and opportunities in their efforts.


  • Support and work with informal local civil society and diaspora groups, networks, and individuals.
  • Provide flexible and direct funding for local and diaspora responders.
  • Localise the response by ensuring local actors (and their partners in the diaspora) are involved in designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating humanitarian interventions.
  • Integrate long-term development objectives and resilience-building strategies into humanitarian programming.
  • Develop durable solutions to prevent prolonged displacement and dependency and promote social cohesion and peacebuilding.
  • Facilitate a holistic and coherent regional response to the conflict in Sudan addressing the needs and rights of IDPs and refugees.
  • Support decentralised humanitarian response by empowering field offices and local partners to make decisions and allocate resources according to different regions and communities’ specific needs and contexts.
  • Engage Sudanese diaspora volunteers and staff who are keen and committed to supporting the humanitarian response in their country of origin.
  • Provide information and communication in Arabic and English.



An introduction to the SCCU

Podcast series with Senior Coordinator Sara Abbas introducing the objectives of the SCCU, followed by conversations with Data Analyst Rania Amin addressing the challenges of humanitarian response in Sudan and the importance of coordination and localising efforts.