Support our crowdfunding campaign!

Support our crowdfunding campaign!

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The Wakandans realised that hoarding resources was wrong, we hope you come to the same realisation. Africa might not have verbranium, but has knowledge, skills, and energy spread around the world- the diaspora. Our team will seek to connect diaspora to support local and national initiatives that support people improve their everyday lives in Africa, initially focusing on 10 organisations in Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia.


Despite being frontline service providers and essential lifeline for communities affected by poverty or/and humanitarian crises, many local organisations in African countries face a shortage of qualified people. Often referred to as ‘brain drain’, local organisations and civil society often don’t have the right skills sets available to them, or cannot afford to hire staff.


The aim of our project is to start with supporting 10 organisations, and as we grow, we aim to support more organisations so they can continue their vital work of making a positive impact for communities in Africa, and beyond.


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