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Aleese Gabir In Her Own Words
In this vlog Aleese, an honours student, filmmaker and creative director from Sydney, Australia talks about representation, what it means to her and why it’s important especially in her capacity as a second generation diasporan from Sudan.

Interview With Young Activist Lily
Latest podcast alert! When second-generation diasporas join student societies, it presents a great example of how youth can develop skills, create networks and most importantly advocate for their beliefs and their home country’s issues.


Hackathon recap video- And The Winners Are…
We had seven teams from ten countries of origin dialing in from 15 locations around the globe, competing for $15,000 worth of prizes. In support we had experts and guides to mentor them along the way. How did it go? Well, you can watch here and decide for youself.

Meet Mai Khidir
In the podcast she discusses her background, the development of AL Sudaniya, and how she connects with her Sudanese culture. 

Meet Hussam Mahjoub
In the vlog he discusses his background as a telecommunications engineer, his Sudanese heritage and the motivation for establishing Sudan Bukra. 

Interview With Youry Vixamar
We had the pleasure of interviewing Haitian musician Youry Vixamar. We asked him about how he uses his music to remind people of home, his Haitian and musical background as well as delving deep into the meaning of his albums and songs.